Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Cannon, is unlike any other sports-themed restaurant. By combining Louisiana sports culture and authentic Louisiana food culture, Bobby created a venue that appeals to sports fans and foodies alike.

Patrons can chow down on an extensive array of delectable selections like crab cakes, jalapeno alligator bites, po’boys, blackened and fried seafood, pastas, steaks and much more. If you prefer a big burger while you watch the game, well, Bobby thought of that too. In addition to the Thibo’Beaux’ Burger, named after his son, Bobby offers the ultimate challenge for fans who dream of joining the burger-eaters Hall of Fame. The Cannon Burger Challenge pits man versus burger with a 7-patty, 7-cheese, 7-topping monster. The successful diner who can polish it off in the allotted time (sorry, the clock doesn’t stop at the two-minute warning) will not have to pony up the hefty $50 price tag on this behemoth burger.

Bobby was always the complete package on the field, so it’s no surprise the atmosphere at his restaurant is just as impressive as the food. Located at 4101 Veterans Memorial Blvd., the restaurant showcases a beautiful combination of traditional and modern design elements, including contributions from local artists like Luis Colmanares and Ronnie and Sunny Gebauer. When entering the restaurant, customers are greeted by a massive hand-crafted wooden bar with a stunning marbled top and elegant lighting.  Above the bar, extending to the 20-foot ceiling, is a colorful mural crafted by Ashlee Arceneaux, owner of Small Chalk. The restaurant walls are painted in warm, food-friendly colors and stunning textural finishes by painter Mitchell Settoon.

Fans can explore Bobby’s carefully-displayed collection of sports memorabilia, including signed jerseys from the world’s top athletes like Michael Jordan, Cal Ripken and Walter Payton. Saints fans will appreciate jerseys and keepsakes featuring popular New Orleans players like Drew Brees, Tom Dempsey and Archie Manning.  During game time, fans can cheer on their World Champion Saints watching on the massive 90-inch TV and 30 other televisions. Bobby even put 42-inch TVs in the bathroom so no one misses the action! He spared no expense on the audio system either. The restaurant features a movie-theater-quality sound system to provide the same intense auditory experience that one might enjoy at a live sporting event.

Cajun Cannon provides the perfect blend of comfort and luxury, but that doesn’t mean you need reservations and a jacket for dinner. Bobby wants everyone to feel welcome, whether you prefer wing tips or flip-flops. So regardless of the occasion, Bobby has a seat for you. A banquet room is also available for private events.

Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Cannon offers a unique dining experience with something for everyone! 

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